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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hunter Safety - or Fashion Police

Bill and I went for our first 'orange' ride today.  Yep, it's time to haul out the safety orange to ride on the mountain; hunting season is in full bloom.  We had a great little one hour trek down through a couple of our favorite aspen-changing areas:  the trench trail (remember the meadow with all the aspens alongside on HCR?) and along Fox Creek.  We were amazed to find that a good number of the trees have not only changed color,but also lost most of their leaves already.  I guess the freeze we had a couple weeks ago, then the strong winds, have hastened things along in some places.  This is about two weeks ahead of schedule.

I also had an amazing discovery with my horse, Washoe.  He had to work as a 'schooling horse' at a clinic last week and the improvements in his movement are nothing short of wondrous.  His trot has gone from choppy to smooth and floaty.  Normally, I can't sit his trot bareback, and today is was actually pleasant.  I was so surprised I sent him on a second trot session and it was indeed a joy to ride.  This boy is turning into quite a horse!

When we rode back into the barn yard of the Livery, I got a bit of razzing about my choice of riding apparel.  The always fashion conscious (male) wranglers thought my blaze orange vest (over my fuscia T-shirt) was a bit much!  At least I didn't get shot at.


  1. Ah, but your fashion is always in season when hunters are around!

    Yes, that spot on the ride was just gorgeous! One of my favorite spots to enjoy the view without worrying about tumbling down a mountainside!

    YAY for a smooth trot! Such a blast!

  2. Yep, sounds like we're going to freeze in a few weeks when we're out there.....

    *giggle* y'all just have no idea how this northern bred but southern living gal is looking FORWARD to freezing for a bit! ;)

    Can't wait to meet the illustrious illustrator and company!

  3. But the fashion is what probably saved you from stray bullets and arrows! Bravo!

  4. I so hate orange,

    It is so hard to accessorize with..:o(

    that is good news about Washoe, But again one just doesn't seem to have those kinda problems with a quad. :0)

    just saying.... *snicker*

  5. My son has been guiding bow hunters until now. UGH. Now I will need to wear a vest, I guess.

    Congrats on your horsey's improvements.

  6. Rachel: Didn't mean to make you guys think about tumbling down the mountainside. We just wanted you guys to see all our favorite spots!

    I do understand that orange is not my best color, but gunshot wounds are really are to accessorize also (Mr. Daddy).

    MM: Just bring lots of layers. We live in jeans, t-shirts, fleeces and windbreakers...and orange vests.

    Momma Fargo: My horses even have orange halters and Bill has flourescent orange stirrups for his saddle. Something about riding an elk-colored horse can make a guy paranoid. Now GunDiva has decided we should die Washoe's mane orange. Right!!!!

    Mr. Daddy: Quit snickering about my horse. I don't have to buy tires, batteries, lights, gas, etc. Just saying...

    TJ & M: Stuff something orange in your son's gear. The elk and deer are color-blind anyway. Thanks for the congrats.


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