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Monday, March 7, 2011

Home is Where It's At

I brought Juanita home a couple days after her hip replacement. She got home day before yesterday, and not a moment too soon.  The rebellion was brewing, and I was beginning to sleep with one eye open.  The dog and our two cats were starting to give me a serious batch of "stink-eye".  Reproachful glowers abounded, and I was hearing snatches of whispered conversations.  "What did he DO with her?  Should we gang up on him and MAKE him bring her home?"

I think all is forgiven now, at least from the cats.  She is a captive lap right now, THE BEST as far as Kitten Caboodle is concerned. 

The dog is still giving me sidelong glances... "She is hurt and can't PLAY!  You BROKE her!"

Juanita is doing quite well, but she has taken almost a half dozen Ibuprofen in the last few days.  I hope she doesn't get hooked on them...



  1. LOL> I think you are hiding her in the closet....

  2. I've taken half a dozen Ibuprofen in the last 24 hours! I'd say she's doing GREAT! Hope the pets forgive you soon!

  3. Go Juanita! Glad you are home and healing well!!!


  4. Bill you might try sharing some of that Cryptobyotic Dust with her????

    just saying....

    glad she is doing good :o)

  5. Glad to hear another revolution has been thwarted! Happy healing Juanita.

  6. Hope the healing goes well on round 2!

  7. Like I always say - "good to the last drop" Bill... had me laughing with that last line!

    We'll do an intervention at HCR if we need to, k? I have a feeling it will mean a few rounds of the dollar ride?

  8. Thanks for all the support, guys. Kitten Kaboodle is planted in her usual place on my lap; if you look really closely, you will see another set of gray ears behind her rump. That's Voodoo's place - and they both know it. They would sure like some of that K-dust, Mr. Daddy, but Bill isn't much into sharing it!

    Rachel, by HCR2, I will be leading the $100 ride, and I bet my mare will be moving out. She won't feel like she has to protect me anymore.

    Yep, we have definitely thwarted a revolution. I am only trying to keep up with Cheyenne's gazelle friend.

    Many thanks to everyone!!!!

  9. PS - Don't worry about intervention. My body didn't like the Ibuprofen stuff, either; created middle of the night panic attacks. It just doesn't like being interfered with, I guess. I am now back on a need-only basis and we seem to have come to an agreement. Sorry, GunDiva

    Well, off to the first of many physical therapy sessions. They always make me feel better, so I am glad the snowstorm didn't move in last night.


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