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Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh Yeah, and...

Juanita and I drove by the horses yesterday.  From across the pasture Jesse looked up when I hollered "TREATS!"  She started the 1/4 mile trip across the pasture at a trot.  Then Washoe noticed what was happening, and he came to us at a long trot.  Then Ida's sorrel "Peanut"spotted us and came at a dead run.  Peanut by two lengths.

Ranger brought up the rear at a dead mosey.

Our guys and Peanut enjoyed some bread crusts and dried apple skins.

When we got into the car to leave, Jesse hung her head over fence and asked "What? Is that all?  Let's DO something!" 

Poor girl is ready for a job, it's been a while.  The rest of them were just snuffling around for missed crusts and dried apple peals when we drove off.  Good to see them again, even if it was just for a minute.

I miss those horses and can't wait to get them back home.


Oh yeah, and Juanita had her second hip replaced yesterday and is in the hospital.  She seems okay. 


  1. Praying for a speedy recovery for Jaunita. The horses look good. I am missing mine too.

  2. Juanita is our Bionic Cowgirl!!!

    Glad you got in a horse fix Bill. I know that feeling of missing them all too well.

  3. Where's the update on my girl? I don't see any good pictures of her or my fillies!

    Oh yeah, glad Mom's doing well.

  4. The horses are too cute! Poor brave Juanita - it's the right thing to do, but OUCH!

  5. Tell Juanita I hope she's doing well and heals up soon. Those are some smart horses coming for "treats" like that!

  6. Yep, I am totally bionic now. I loved seeing the horses on my way to the clinic for surgery. It gave me something pleasant to dream about while under the influence of my 'cocktail'.

    GD-If your horse would have come to the fence, she would have gotten her pic taken. Meeker came over and the fillies came most of the way. Everyone else just couldn't be bothered.

    Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. I'm sure all my horse spirits are part of the reason my recoveries go so well!

  7. Glad Juanita is doing ok....she is definitely braver than I, don't think I would of made it through the first one, let alone two....

    Sending prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery.

  8. Get healed up quick missy - we'll be keeping you busy in a few months :)

    GunDiva - picture Kona giving Estes a "what on earth" face... my girl is a snack hoarder. Don't tell anyone, but I have a special whistle just for snacks... you want to see her bust some moves after hearing that? :)

  9. Bill...we got paragraghs of the lovely horses...and two sentences about the lovely Juanita...she seems ok? Do'nt be putting her out to pasture!LOL


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