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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Miles to Go

Yesterday morning while driving Juanita to her psychotic physical therapist's appointment, we saw a HEAVY frost on the pine trees.  The morning fog had frozen onto the limbs and needles.  Pretty. 

This morning, heading into the Estes Park hospital for her blood draw, we saw a flock of elk by the road.

 We might live miles from civilization, but really, I'm okay with that.  It's worth the drive.



  1. Ditto.

    And did you really just capture an elk in mid leap? You rock.

  2. Nice pictures, and civilization is highly overrated.... :o)

  3. Very beautiful. Love the frost...wanted to eat the elk. LOL

  4. OK, I will fess up. The elk shot was a total fluke. I was using Bill's camera. Whatever setting he had it on, it was taking forever to snap the shot. As I was turning away, it finally snapped and actually caught the elk in mid-flight. Wish I could claim to be that good a photographer. They do look like they will be yummy good eating, huh?


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