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Saturday, May 14, 2011

And Just What is This?!

Unhappy horses.  We are down to our last bales of hay that we had stored up for this year...meaning we have now fed out all the alfalfa, then the alfalfa/grass mix, and are now feeding straight grass hay.

Tonight's feeding didn't go quite as planned - per the horses.  It's snowing again this evening, therefore alfalfa should be on the menu.  No such luck guys.  Sorry.  I cut the bale, flaked it out along the feeder wall like I normally do; carry some to the spare feeder tire and realize I have four horses following me all over.  "What IS this stuff?"  "Go eat your hay, guys."  They blankly look at me, go back to the main feeder and carefully flip each flake over with their noses, then look at me like I am a criminal.  "Do you not notice something wrong here?  There is not a single leaf of alfalfa in this hay!"  I apologize profusely, explaining that the alfalfa/grass is all gone.  Really, really sorry but can't do anything about it.  I can't feed what we don't have.

Ranger had the gall to mutter at me as I was leaving!!!  He has never done that before.  Jesse and Washoe are hanging their heads over the fence giving me the biggest puppy-dog eyes a horse could produce...and Queen Estes?  She is eating; she understands hard times and is grateful there is food.

I told Bill I would feel a lot more sorry for them if they were shivery cold - or I could find a rib on one of them somewhere.  Yes, it is wet out there and ice crystals are forming on the wire fencing, but when I felt under their manes, they were toasty warm, so they were left to complain among themselves.  Oh, and did I mention that they did get their normal ration of warm beet pulp mash and their favorite amino supplement.  How bad can it be?

Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow.


  1. I know what you mean Juanita, I get almost the same reaction if I use regular instead of super unleaded :o)


  2. I'm glad Queen Estes could come down off of her pedestal for a bit :)

    Those poor, abused babies. Don't you love them anymore?

  3. OMG. Our horses do that too and they are fat as butterballs and have sweet green grass all the live long day. Spoiled through and through. Not that hungry I'd say. LOL.

  4. I can picture all their reactions--quite funny! My horses send us various unsubtle hints as well if they're not happy with the meal. I'm sorry you're still having snow. The more I talk to people from everywhere, it seems like this has been a long winterish/spring all over the country.

  5. Poor things. How will ther ever survive? Lol


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