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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caught in the Act!

I have GOT to get a hidden video camera in the corral.  Too many good shots are being wasted.

It was sunny, windy and a balmy 70 degrees today, so we headed for the corral with manure fork and tractor.  While Bill was riding circles on his new (very old) tractor, I was hitting the lowlands and slopes with the fork.  I just happened to turn around in time to see Jesse climbing through the buck fence in the middle of the creek; the only part of that horse inside the corral was her back hocks.  She was just ducking her big fanny under the upper rail and munching on long grass on the other side, not noticing me sneaking up behind her, when I popped her on the butt and told her to get her little fanny back inside that fence.  When she started to continue forward I told her, "Don't you dare!  You back up right now!"  She gave me that 'I can't' look and I stared her down.  She finally - very slowly - backed back through the fence as much as possible, then twisted her body into a U-shape and crawled back into the corral, even managing to do it without getting her feet tangled in all the downed wood in the stream.  However once inside, she glowered at me then stomped that big hoof of hers in the water and - you guessed it - splashed me a good one!  I was hit with muddy water from the neck down; the front of my jeans were soaked.  I told the neighbor wranglers that I only looked like I lost the battle; the horse was still inside the corral.  I love my crazy horse.


  1. OhmyLord Juanita - you have the funnest horses! That just cracks me up! What an escape artist!

  2. so funny. you seem to have a horse with an amazing sense of humor...or justice.

  3. If my quad ever did that to me I would have it horse whipped...

    Well I would at least give it a stern talking too....*snort*

    just saying....


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