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Friday, May 6, 2011

Lazy May Day

Jesse sends her heartfelt thanks to all of you well-wishers.  She says her hoof feels much better, thank you.  She can stand levelly again (with all her weight on it), walk with the slightest of limp - only when she plants that foot as the wheel foot in a turn - and showed off with some hops and skips around the corral today, because it was actually SUNNY!!!!

Bill says the hoof print finally wore off his boot today - mostly.  Yesterday we had a spa day for all the horses; just brushing out winter hair and cleaning the feet really well.  Jesse and I walked to the post office and she was the perfect guest, tied to the railing in the parking lot.  When we got back it was still so nice and sunny out that I actually took my Nook (eBook) and sat outside to read with the horses while they napped at the hitch rail.  We've started getting back in tune for work days; practicing standing nicely for no reason except the human said so.  They all promptly went to sleep.  I don't know why I thought differently.


  1. Sounds like an almost perfect day..:o)

  2. Love it when horses return to 'work' mode without fuss.

  3. Thought of you guys last night. I hopped up on Lutin- who has had a LONG time off mind you- and thought nothing of it.

    Why did I do what I did? Because rattling around in my brain was "Bill gets on Ranger all the time bareback w/ a halter and lead. And Ranger was a HANDFUL! No reason LUTIN shouldn't be able to behave like that too!"

    Yeah. Well. I didn't come off, but let's just say we had to have an interesting conversation about manners, paying attention to MOM, and a reminder that yes indeedy, MOM. IS. BOSS. OF. YOU.

    Then I remembered-- Ranger is 20, not under 10 like Lutin! LOL

    Happy Hitching. Cant wait to see more ride posts from you guys!

  4. @ Mrs Mom, those memory lapses seem to get worse as we get older....*snicker* and more painful.

    That's why I ride a quad....ROFL

  5. What a beautiful day. I love the idea of being able to walk your horse to the post office and hitch them to the rail.

  6. Sounds like a perfect Rocky Mountain movie.


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