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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Case of the Slippery Towel

Our new 'thing' this year seems to be towel riding.  Bill discovered it early on because he hates putting gear - or his pitooty - on a wet horse, so one snowy day he grabbed a towel to dry off Ranger.  Not being able to get the horse very dry, he just left the towel on Ranger's back and hopped on.  After several sessions of this, Bill made mention that that 'skinny little towel' he had been using didn't stay in place very well; it took a lot of adjustments while riding.  Yesterday, Bill opted for a thicker, larger towel.  You be the judge of the towel debacle....
A properly placed towel:  smooth, square and even on horse's back. 
I use it in an attempt to keep the seat of my jeans clean.

Do you notice a difference here already?

Trotting along the edge of the swampy area, Ranger has noticed.
Check the ears....

Coming around the corner, and oops...a little slide to the left!
Just happened to catch this one on camera!

You need to enlarge this picture (just click on it) and check out the towel location. 
 It's hanging to his heel on the left and just above the knee joint on the right.

By the time we headed home, that poor towel didn't know where it belonged.
Bill gets lots of practice squirming around to adjust the towel - and Ranger just ignores him.
You guys should try this some time; it's really great balance practice.
Just make sure your horse doesn't mind flopping things.



  1. Lol! Maybe waterproof pants would be a better option!

  2. At least you guys are having fun! I can't say I've ever heard of riding with a towel, but I'm likely to try saddling.

  3. Haahah, I told you towels are bad news!


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