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Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's the second beautiful day in a row!

B- Hey Ranger!  It's the second beautiful day in a row!  Let's go for a ride!

R- Hot Beel.

B- It's not hot.  It's only in the mid 50's.

R-  Hot.

B-  Okay, how about we go with no saddles today.

R-  Okay Beel.

B-  Let's get you and Jesse brushed out and we'll go for... Great Scott horse!  Is your whole hide peeling off?

R-  Hot Beel.

B-  I brushed you just yesterday.  Where is all of this HAIR coming from?  I bet we could weave a rug from this stuff.

R-  Itches Beel.

B-  I'll bet.  Okay, let's go.

B-  Nice blue sky today.

R-  Different Beel.

R- I did not break this.
B-  No Ranger, I think a snow plow took it down last week.

R-  That Mare was glad to get out today Beel.

B-  I can tell.  Juanita was pretty happy to get out today, too.

R-  I think we loosed the trail Beel.

R-  We can go here.

R-  Why did Waneeta make a sound like a bugling elk Beel?

B-  Jesse took her a little to close to that tree.  I don't think the hole in her jeans was quite that big a minute ago...

B-  But she got over it pretty quick.

B-  That was a really nice ride Ranger.  Thanks!

R-  Hot.


  1. Nice ride. I'm still waiting for it to get out of the 30's here. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. I love that you guys ride bareback! And that Ranger, what a good boy to only have his halter on - we took ours out the other day and man were they spunky - you woulda thought they had never been ridden before but my black beauty was so happy to be out and about she was on the go!

  3. You notice, the day before we were in saddles, so we could tow the extra horse, but also because they were much more 'up'. BTW, can I tell you how sore I got from riding bareback for an your? The hamstrings say ouch. Winter sure tricks the muscles.

  4. Love the pics! The mountains are calling me...I love them.Ranger looks a little grumpy. Juanita on the other hand looks so happy! Great riding days!

  5. I can never have enough Ranger.

    Poor itchy boy! I bet GunDiva would love to come over and brush him out. And weave that hair.

    I am so glad you guys got out for a ride in the pretty weather!

    Bad snowplow.


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