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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Today it is very cold.

Today it is very cold .  The ground has gotted white.

Wait.  What is this.

He is plaid again.  I do NOT like that.

Now I must bite you.

Ouch!  Cranky mare.

But...but... he turned PLAID.


  1. Love the up-do in the cranky mare shot! Thanks for the t shirt. :D

  2. That updo looks like my husband's in the morning. Lol. Brrrrr. It's spring in Cali.

  3. yikes. I am behind in my reading and that looks too cold for me. I planted onions

  4. So... how come the other two didn't turn plaid (or stripey or polka-dotty?) :)

    I didn't force Kona to endure that embarrassment for the first winter ever - she loved it!


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