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Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15th

We went for a short, early spring ride on the mountain today.  The wind was blowing some, so the two greys were maybe a little jumpy, but not too bad.

I was on Washoe.

Juanita was on Jesse.

Washoe spotted something.

It wasn't there last time...


Control of the horse was rapidly disappearing.
I climbed off to lead the way (No saddle+no stirrups=EXTRA CAUTION FOR ME.)

Oh!  Wait!  It's just snow!

My hero.

Jesse, well she was just a little curious.

It didn't appear to "seize her".

Beware the rides of March.

(Don't hate me.  I can't help it.)



  1. Oh, that was bad, unexpectedly bad. And good. Good for a Friday afternoon laugh. Glad the giant snowball didn't eat Washoe. You might think he's saying my hero, he's really hoping to use you as a human shield...

  2. Seems that if it's "different" or "strange" or wasn't there before... that it's automatically Very Scary :-) Especially if the wind is blowing! :-)

  3. Wow. For a minute there, I thought Ranger had possessed Beel. It was like Ranger in Beel's body. Or something.

  4. OH LAWD. That was guffaw funny.

    I was totally not expecting your punchline - and as usual, I love it!


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