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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Colorado Weather

So .... you do know what they say about weather changes in the Colorado mountains?  A couple days of in the 50's, than wham - 10" of new snow in one day.  It's beautiful, not that you could tell that from Ranger's expression.
He and Jesse had snow on their backs and were quite comfy.  Washoe, on the other hand, has lost all his 'down fur' under hair and was cold and shivery, so I opted to put his windbreaker on.
It took me a while to up-size it from the last wearer:  GunDiva's horse Estes.  Washoe was a much happier camper when he quit shivering, but Ranger is probably still snorting.  He and Beel have the same opinion of the plaid sheet.  I like it 'cause I can see my horse in the snow.
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. LOL. Plaid is in. Especially if you are a man. Beautiful snow!Ours is melting.

  2. Ha ha! Love the plaid! Kona is soaked to the bone right now, but totally uninterested in a blanket. She'd give me the stinkeye if I tried.

    Congrats on your snow!


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