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Friday, March 29, 2013

Yesterday We Were Gunna Ride

Yesterday the temps were in the mid 40's.  Time to RIDE!  So Juanita and I went across the street to grab Ranger and Jesse.  Washoe hollers when he's left behind, but usually doesn't jump the fence.

We walked up to the corral.

It was a lot worse than it looks in this picture.  The horses were slimy.

Jesse was the Mud Princess.

Ranger wasn't shining with conditioner or anything like that.

Washoe was the only one that could be touched without "leaving something behind".

The outside hoses are still turned off for the winter.

We didn't want to ride double.

We just put the brushes away and went for a walk.



  1. Dag gummit! Too bad, but the snow went fast and hopefully is soaking into the ground? Maybe tomorrow you can go or how about an Easter ride. You guys could look for Easter eggs in the woods. Now, wouldn't that be fun?

  2. Oh golly... it's been real dirty around here too. Funny how Washoe managed to stay so clean!


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