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Friday, July 19, 2013

Birthday Ride With the Girl Kid

B-  Hay ya Ranger!  how's my old horse doing?

R-  Fine Beel.

B-  How are you feeling after our birthday ride with my daughter yesterday?

R-  I did not ride Beel.

B-  Well, no. I guess not.  But how are you feeling today, anyway?

R- Fine Beel.  Hungry.

B- Well, we did spend almost 5 hours on the trail yesterday. Lots of different weather conditions and trail conditions.  It started off sunny...
Then it went to rain.

Then it got cool

Then it rained a little again.

R- The trail went up a lot in places Beel. We the horses were glad you the peoples getted off to walk.
R-  Very up.

R-  There were rocks in the trail Beel.
Lots of rocks.

B-  A big storm seemed to be brewing to the north.

B-  At this point we decided to turn right at the next junction to dodge the storm,
and we went to a little mountain lake.

R-  Picnics are good.

B- And the trail leading away from the lake looked kinda cool!

R-  The kid was picnicking all day.  He was bad.  Your girl kid taked the food from him a lot.

R-  The kid finally stopped eating when we got on the black-hard-car-road.  Your girl kid was very happy.  She may be crazy.

R-  We the horses were not scared on the black-hard-car-road.

B-  Maybe not scared of the cars, but the guard-rail sure spooked you.  And when things make you jump, you have to touch them, don't you Ranger.
B-  Except this time you hammered me in the back instead.
B-  You almost knocked me over the rail, you turd!

R-  I tried to touch the scary rail but you standed in the way.

B-  The rest of the ride went fine, though.  Got home just as it started raining HARD.

B-  After we were home for a little while, I heard a commotion across the street at the livery.  One of their horses slammed it's head into the side of the trailer while stepping out, and impaled it's sinuses on a small slotted hook on the wall.  Blood everywhere.  Looks like she is going to be okay, but you never looked up from the feeder, Ranger.  And you flip out every time something goes wrong with those horses, like some of them getting out.  Why didn't the blood bug you any?

R-  I am only unhappy when they break the rules.  There is no rule against blooding.

B-  That's right, I had an old veterinarian tell me once while working on an injured horse that "A horse is born pre-destined to die at a certain time and place, and they spend their whole lives LOOKING FOR IT!"

R-  You are crazy Beel.


  1. There is no rule against blooding.

    You are bloody brilliant Ranger.

    And Beel.

  2. Unless it's Ranger blooding.

    He doesn't get to ride in the parade or go to the cowboy shooting clinics because he gets nose blood. THEN he cares about blooding.

  3. LOL. I love it! Looks like you guys had a great time and so glad GunDiva got to ride for her birthday! Ranger cracks me up. And I agree with Rachel. LOL

  4. H1 Ranger!
    Yes, I Agree. Only rule breaking upsets me too!
    Blooding, if its not fine.
    And eating! Eating is fine.

    Summer Breeze the Rocky Mountain mare

  5. I always find it interesting how similar our mustangs reactions are. Buddy has to touch things that scare him too.


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