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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, GunDiva

Well, since we have tried all day - unsuccessfully - to catch up with our eldest child, we will just have to do this publicly.
Since she considers herself all grown up now (and so do we), I won't announce her age, but suffice it to say, I never really believed our children would ever reach these plateaus, because in reality, it only means we are also getting older - and that can't happen.  So, babe, this is it.  You are not allowed to get older; just keep being the wonderful human being you have grown into.  I not only love you; I STILL like you!

Hope you have been having a happy day ... and Bill is so looking forward to your birthday ride tomorrow.


  1. Hey! Thanks. I finally sat down long enough to read my blogs. If I'd been busy much longer, I would have missed this.

  2. LOL. Hope you had a good one! Woot woot!


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