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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Give-away :)

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a trail guide in our neck of the woods?

I know the Bionic Cowgirl and Beel have shared some great stories, but the fact is, we don't do much wranglin' any more.  We just fill in here and there as needed at the livery.  I started writing down some of my more memorable stories of trail rides several years ago and am publishing a book based on those stories.

Want a chance to win one of five advance copies of the book?  Just enter below:

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  1. Oooh, can't wait to read it! I love reading the blog.

  2. Apparently I have to tell my most memorable ride - there have been several but I think galloping BCM through the valley when we did our social ride is a stand-out ;)

  3. I love your blog and think Ranger is a wonder horse, would love to see a childrens book of ranger and how good manners pay off for horses and children.

  4. Hurry up already! I'm ready for this book. LOL

  5. I get a large kick out of the posts on this blog, no matter who writes them. Course, I might be a little partial to Ranger

  6. Someday I want to ride out with you and Beel. I'll be in Denver for the big stock show but I'm betting you don't do tours in January. grin

  7. How exciting! I have no doubt this will be a great book!

    Most memorable ride...they are all memorable in different ways. I have two: One of the most is the first time I took Mustang Tripp out on the trails by ourselves. Memorable because he was the first horse I ever trained. :-) I love him so much and he is my old faithful dude. The other one which really should be #1 is when my husband took a ride with me a couple months ago. We have been waiting for this for along time...he rode Mustang Tripp and I rode Wyoming, another mustang I trained who is a greenie. I loved going riding with my husband. :-)

  8. Once when I was a young pup I was out riding an welsh/arab pony that i was training for a family during springtime - yes i know *eye roll* what a breed combo - I was working out of a barn that my girlfriend owned, and there were many trails she had on her 320 acres (this is WI)...but I decided that i should do the gravel roads that day to work on some road manners...unfortunately for me i forgot that there was a hog farm within 2 miles of her place; have you ever seen the lippizan horses that do the air du temps? with those feed bin lids banging and 300 lb boars grunting and squealing, i didnt know I could ride that little mare like that out for a 1/4 of a mile...but i did have to take a lonnng soak that night!

    But if you want to talk a memorable show ride - clearing a round on a hunter 2'5 course was the cats meow in my world!!! I still get a big smile on my face when I think of toppy the tb and how he was absolutely perfect for me...

    you know youre old when the horses youve rode in your life are long gone...but the memories you have are just like they happened yesterday...


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