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Sunday, September 22, 2013

In the Dark

We've had a few distractions lately, so it's been a while since I checked the game camera (thanks again for the camera, GunDiva).  It had a couple hundred shots triggered, so I looked through them.  Most were pictures of blowing bushes, hopping crows and neighbor girls feeding the horses.

But a few were kinda cool.

On 8/27, a coyote was slinking around.

On 8/19, a buck was checking out the scrap hay.

On 8/8, a fox was following the neighbor hens' trail.

But back on 8/3... Is this a juvenile mountain lion?
It sure looks like a cat to me.

Probably just as well I didn't see the picture until a month and a half later.




  1. Sure looks like a juvenile lion to me. Pretty cool shots. Eric and Jo have game cameras and road cameras up around the ranch to shoot unsuspecting 'game', we usually shoot them the peace sign, but it is interesting to see what is out and about.

  2. Holy cats, Batman! That was a creeper! They eat small children...dogs...and horses! Imagine what they would think of Juanita's and Beel's fine dining?

  3. Unless that is a very very large lemur (they have striped tails too)...but i think they are from madagascar...

    Hey, I bought a gelding - he's a mustang. Am i nuts?

    1. No, at least not completely nuts. I think there is enough good (smart, quick, strong) to counteract the bad (smart, quick, strong).


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