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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Animals Got Flooded Without An Ark

My heart is breaking watching all of the livestock that are being flooded out and I was trying to figure out how to help.  I don't have any property, so I can't take any in.  But I do have a book for sale, and I can donate the proceeds from that book to the people who can help the livestock who are displaced.  So, all proceeds from book sales running through the end of the month will be donated to Denkai Animal Sanctuary.  This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone: you can start buying stocking stuffers AND help animals who need it.

Click the book in the sidebar to order.

So, please spread the word far and wide.  Let's help the critters we all love.


  1. Very cool GD. We have several people organizing things on this side of the state and should have a lot of horse stuff and hay to donate as well.

    **Have to say, the 'horse tied to the fence' tagline irritated me on this video. That horse was NOT tied to the fence and thankfully he stayed put. Animals that actually try to negotiate flooded areas very often end up cut to shreds from fencing they cannot see.

  2. First time I'd seen that video - just sickening... So much destruction, so much loss... Know that "home" will not look the same for a very long time...

  3. LT - 9News released a segment today explaining that the horse was not tied to the fence. The owner had moved all of the livestock to higher ground and the horse went back to its own pen. They did get all of those animals rescued.


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