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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stranded in Paradise

I'm posting because Mom and Bill don't have internet right now, but they're safe.  The town is completely cut off right now, but because of the nature of their business, they've got provision for themselves, their guests, and their horses.

They have no TV, cable, or internet right now.  But they do have firewood, food, and a generator, so the guests are in for a really "rustic" experience.

Highway 7, which is the most common way to get to the lodge has a wash-out below them.  Lyons, at the base of their mountain is completely isolated and has lost homes, businesses, and a fire truck.  There are reports of a fire crew being stranded above where a dam washed out.  They can't get any help in or out for Lyons.

Highway 34, through Estes Park has an area that is collapsed.  Highway 36, the alternative route into Estes Park from the Front Range is also closed.  They've started evacuations in Estes Park, but the only way out is over Trail Ridge Road.

It's ugly out there, but the Bionic Cowgirl and Beel are fine.  They've been digging out the ditch behind the lodge that we had almost forgotten was there.  The horses are refusing to leave the Scary Shed - they're not stupid, at least it's warm and dry in the Scary Shed.

The news is reporting 8.90" of rain in Allenspark in the last 24 hours and it's supposed to continue until tomorrow - at least 1.5" of rain still to come.  However, the good news is that I think we're out of our drought, especially if the meteorologist is right and we can expect 10" of snow for every 1" of rain.

Whew.  Stay safe and dry, folks.


  1. Thank you, thank you -- I've been searching for news about Allenspark this afternoon. We were worried about them and the lodge! So glad to hear they are safe. Hoping for the best for your part of the country from Ohio! Jane

  2. Dang it. Glad to know my buddies are OK, but still scary. I will coax the rain my way.

  3. Thanks for the post - I was worried after watching the news. Glad everyone's okay.

    It's feast or famine isn't it. We're dry as a bone here - usually deluged by tropical systems this time of year...


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