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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Goodbye Summer - Hello Winter

We had two and a half really nice days; you know, temps in the low 60's, SUNNY, only light breeze.  Yeah, woke up this morning to ....  S.N.O.W.  A friend called mid-morning to tell me that she heard a warning that between Estes Park, CO and Idaho Springs, CO the expectation was for 14 inches of snow.  Guess where we live?  We left the lodge at noon with six inches on the ground and still coming down.  Figured it was a good day to get the "town" stuff done.  Why would I be surprised?  Last year, on May 10th, we had 15 inches of snow.

When we got home about seven hours later we found:  same six inches of snow, lots of water running and still snowing.  Can't say how much we got but at least it's melting.  Should definitely help the run-off in the rivers (being sarcastic here), which is just starting and already worrying people about flood stages this year.
May 11, 2011  7:00 am  3-4 inches of new snow, with more to come.

Gonna sign off and go cry in my blankets because it's STILL snowing and no, we didn't get to ride on those two really nice days - because it's spring cleaning time and sometimes work comes before play!


  1. Noooooo!!!!! Please don't let that happen to us. We had 70 degree weather today, but we're leaving town tomorrow to go to Nebraska where storms are expected. I don't really care what the weather is since I can't ride my horse anyway.

  2. my friend you're lucky! here in Italy is too hot... (:

  3. Now how could you let the summer pass you buy like that?

  4. Ok, you've got it way worse than me. It snowed Monday here, but not enough to accumulate! Our weather's very nice again - hope yours follows suit.

  5. We had the same short summer too, followed by the same white surprise. Arghhhh. Those 2 warm days were such a tease. Hopefully they will return soon.

  6. Oh, I'm sorry! But like GunDiva says, it's better for fire season to have all this snow now, right? Sorry :(

  7. Feeling your pain - there's a 50% chance of snow tonight and tomorrow. WTF?!? (Ok, we certainly won't get a foot + of snow, but I can totally sympathize!)


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