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Monday, May 21, 2012

First Picnic of 2012

We stole a few minutes today to go on our first horse picnic.  We were only gone an hour total, but when you know the area, you can head right out to the 'perfect' spot - and it's amazing how fast that bit of food can disappear!
Jesse got to carry the orange safety bag today - at least it matches her halter.  So we headed towards the meadow, took a right turn at the fallen hanging tree, and cut to a small aspen grove where a family of foxes used to live.  It's a tiny, pristine meadow hidden from view of the trail.
Of course, the horses got to graze while we sat on a fallen tree to eat.
We've gotten a few nice and soaking rains over the last few days, so things have greened up nicely.  It's helping to allay our fears of a terrible drought, although it can dry out so fast.  We will enjoy what we get and feel fortunate for it.
To celebrate the first picnic we took our traditional food:  sardines, crackers and trail mix - and oat granola bars for the horses.  I can hear all the groans now (sardines - yuck!), since that's the reaction we got at breakfast from the guests when we told them what we take.  Just look at those cute baby aspens - and my favorite cowboy, too!
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. What a great life you have :) I love the aspens and that you picnic there.

  2. Beel! You rode THAT MARE and NOT Ranger??? For Shame! Has he forgiven you yet? LOL

    1. Ranger hasn't talked to me since he smelled the grass and granola bar on her breath.


  3. My husband says sardines make the best trail food. Sorry I don't agree.


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