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Friday, May 11, 2012

Snow, Beautiful Snow!

I never thought I would say this, not after eight months with snow on the ground last winter, but this winter has been sooo dry, that we are thankful for any and all moisture we can get.  Last Monday, we had six inches of snow; didn't last too long, but it did hang around a couple of days.  By Wednesday, it looked dry enough on the mountain to go take a look, so Bill got Ranger prepped with a new 'neck ring' - a survival kit, so to speak - really a mini first aid kit. 

I think I heard Ranger muttering something about "Beel treats me like a big DOG!"
Wow! A good layer of snow - almost more than we had ridden in since the first of the year.
Of course, Ranger had to taste it to make sure.
March had been one of the driest ones on Colorado's recorded history.  We had hoped for relief in April, and found none.  Instead we had temps in the 70's (great riding!) - in April - at 8500 ft!!!!
Everywhere you look, more snow ... and we love it.  Today we got more, maybe a couple of inches throughout the day, a tad of sun and now another two inches on the ground.  Thank you Mother Nature.

Another surprise today was the two truck loads of horses delivered to the livery.  We now have 20-something horses across the street making their normal sounds.  Life is wonderful.
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. As a foot note, the Bag and bailing twine around Ranger's neck worked great. As long as I grabbed the twine when he lowered his head.

    I suspect if I had just let it fall and it dropped to his head, I'd walk/crawl home...


  2. Beel you just need to replace that bailing twine with something sexy enough for Ranger to carry around. ;) That has hardware.... like.... a couple snaps... and lengths of emergency cord, that you could fashion into a new rein.. or halter.. or a belt to hold up yer britches even!

    Glad you got snow though!

    1. Glad you have an idea for a new knot product; it could double for a neck rein, too. Don't forget a break-away spot in case of snagging problems. We do get caught in brush/trees sometimes.

  3. Love that y'all are doing product development in the comments section here... copyrights are gonna be really easy to figure out ;)

    Yay for snow! Manageable snow!

  4. Hahaha I love the St. Bernard kit!

    Breakaway - hmm, how about one link of super-cheap chain? You know the kind that's not even welded together, it's just links bent into ovals? Snap/buckle your snazzy MM neck rein onto each end of the link.


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