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Thursday, May 17, 2012


During the "off season" here at the lodge (mid fall to mid spring) Juanita and I can go to town to get supplies together.  During our quiet time, we read aloud to each other, and since I can't read in a moving car (gorp, blech) I usually drive and Juanita reads.

The kids all chipped in and bought me a Kindle for Christmas last year, and recently we loaded it up with Laura Crum's  "Gail McCarthy Mysterys".  I had read some of them in a spotty fashion over the years, but now we are reading them in order and having a BALL!

We finished "Hayburner", and while driving down the mountain to the store, we realized we didn't have the next book in the series. 


We are running out of off season, and hate wasting our time together not able to read aloud to each other. 

We listened to the radio til we got to the store.

When we went into "Sam's Club", I noticed a WiFi sign on the door.  Juanita said "Maybe we can download the next book!"  So we bought our groceries and went back out to the minivan, turned the wifi on in the Kindle, and downloaded the next book in the series ("Forged") from the Amazon website.

Sitting in the minivan watching ourselves buy a book with a couple strokes on the display I realized the ebook probably had more computing power than the astronauts had access to during the whole Apollo moon shot series, and I was using it to buy a book that has probably been out of print for years while sitting in a parking lot.




  1. Spoiled. We're all spoiled.

    But I love to be able to read anytime, anywhere. Which, I know, I could do with paper books, but when I finished the book, then what? Now, I just buy a new one :)

  2. So true! Pretty darn amazing what we're able to do nowdays, eh? :)

  3. Just finished FORGED here and have to post about it-- LOVED! IT!! Shoot, I've loved ALL of Laura's books so far!!

    Give Bionic Cowgirl a squeeze from me- I owe her an email. Hmm.. have time now.. guess what is going to get done! ;)


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