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Friday, May 4, 2012


Yesterday, when the sun was highest above, Beel ran out to our corral with my head harness.  He was very excited.

He sayed "Ranger, let's go moose hunting!  I saw one up on the hill this morning!"

I hate when he does that.

"Beel" I sayed, "This can not end well.  If we do not find the moose monster, you will be unhappy.  If we do find the moose monster, I will be unhappy.  Let us stay home and eat hay."

He ingnoured eggnoured ignorured did not pay attention to me.  He should listen to me.  I know this stuff.

He put the chair on my back, and the iron bar in my mouth, so I knowed it would be a long, hard walk.  Waneeta put the chair and bar on that mare, so at least I would not be alone if we found the moose monster.

We left the kid horse behind.  He cried like a little filly.  But then he ate all the hay when we were gone.  We worked, and he ate.  I should bite and kick him (some more).

We walked for a long time.  We saw deers (boring little things), chipmunks, ground squirrels, and chickerees (all different types of rats, also boring).
There are 5 total.  I could see 2.

We rode up the the high-slip-fall-and-you-die place, and Beel climbed  off me and walked out to the edge.  I was surprised!  He usually makes whimpering sounds when he goes places like that.

  He sayed he could see very far and look for the moose monster.  While he was looking, that mare and I heared a bad sound.  Beel sayed he thought he heared a "wild turkey", but I am pretty sure it was the sound a moose monster makes when it gargles after eating a horse.  I left as fast as Beel would let me. Waneeta and  that mare left too, but I think that mare wanted to see what made the noise.  She is crazy.

We walked home, and Beel sayed we were gone for a two hours, or days.  I forget.  But we saw no moose monster, so I was glad.

But we should have stayed home and eaten hay.  Excuse me, now I have to go bite and kick the kid.



  1. You know, Ranger, your name for the Goat Trail is absolutely perfect. I'm glad you didn't run into any Moose Monsters, because I want to be with you when you see them. I want to go Moose Monster hunting, too!

    1. I think you may be crazy, too. Just stay home and eat hay. It is good.


  2. Second #19 had me queasy... Methinks y'all are certifiable, but I would have been with the mare checking out the sound too.

    Oh wait... I mean, waiting for the mare to lead me to where the sound was ;)


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