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Monday, May 28, 2012

They Just Do Not Understand

This is Ranger.  The horse.

The peoples have telled me that today is the day "That Other Mare", Estes, is coming back to the herd.  This is a bad thing.  I have been watching how much food goes into the food place, and every day there is just BARELY enough for the three of us to eat.

If another horse comes to stay in our pen, we will not have enough food.  We will all starve.

Other horses have come to stay with us before, and I have had to chase them away from the food.  More hay than usual showed up in the food place, but you really can not count on that.

I will do my best to protect my herd and chase off the inter-lopers.

Maybe she could bring a sack lunch...

Ranger, the horse.


  1. Cheer up Ranger. Maybe she's anorexic now.

  2. lmbo! That drawing says it all. hah!


  3. She's not even close to anorexic now. In fact, she's the fattest she's been in a couple of years - so at least she's got some reserves if she needs them while Ranger chases her off.

  4. LOL> love her and you know it. I think food is secondary to the worries she might get more attention. Maybe Beel will give you treats and attention to make up for the distraction GunDiva will have with Estes.

  5. Love the drawing!

    Ranger, I think you're not really worried about the food. I think you're really worried about the take-no-prisoners mare 'tude!

  6. My herd now has 2 gelders and 2 mares.

    Darn. We are outnumbered BAD.


  7. I (ouch) have decided (oof) that there is enough food (errg) that the other mare can eat, too.

    I am going to limp back to my corner now (unnng).



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