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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Dream Come True

Early this morning I had a very vivid dream.

I dreamt I was driving the minivan with Juanita down in Longmont, about an hours drive from here.  I stopped at a stop sign and looked out the window and saw Jesse and Washoe standing in the road right next to me. I cussed and tried to figure out how I was going to get those stupid horses back up the mountain in a stupid minivan.

It woke me up.

 I rolled over and went back to sleep 'cause it was only 4:am.

When I did finally drag my rear out of bed, I looked out the upstairs hallway window and saw Jesse and Washoe wandering around the neighbors front yard.  Ranger was still standing in the pen where they all belonged (he no longer goes through gates uninvited).

After we caught the pair and put them back in the pen, our neighbor told us the grays had been running around, bucking and kicking and generally having a great time on the "wrong side" of the fence, but not causing any problems.  She said they were having so much fun, she just couldn't "rat them out".

At least I didn't need to get them in the stupid minivan.



  1. That's funny how real things work their way into your dreams. It happens to us all the time, too. I've often wondered if we were truly being robbed if we wouldn't just dream through it. I bet they were making some noise for you out there in the yard, but it's amazing you dreamed the correct ones....and very lucky you didn't have to load them into your minivan...or sit inside and hold their leads while they trot we had to do once when ours got away during the night. ;)

    1. Actually, they made no noise. Jesse let the pole gate down and she and Washoe made 'several' trips racing up and down the livery front drive, never leaving the property; just needed some exercise and we were obviously too sleepy to oblige!

  2. Ranger probably wanted extra food for being the good child. LOL at your dream!

    1. Yep - Ranger is always the 'good' child - and yes, he wanted a treat!

  3. You have wrangled horses from the minivan in the past, though. I seem to remember one very large escape from the livery in which you drove/herded several of the horses back to the yard.


    Now you have to tell the story GunDiva started!

  5. A few years ago, the livery across the street would have 2 or 3 Great Escapes per season. One time they woke we up, and I jumped into my clothes and took off after them in the minivan, They were heading straight down the highway, so I got around them, turned around and gently herded them home with my flashers on, By the time I got back, the wranglers at the livery were wandering around their yard, rubbing the sleep out of there eyes and looking rather shocked.


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