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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Win a Few...

A few days back, Juanita was washing our jackets to get rid of the winter grime.

Now, you need to understand.  My old Carhartt has about a million miles on it, 'cause it's my favorite.  And it shows.  It is Beat The Heck Up.  Cuffs frayed.  Collar frayed. Pockets frayed.  Bottom frayed... you get the idea.

"Bill, give me your jacket so I can wash it."

"No way! It's just getting comfortable after the last time you abused it."

"Bill, it NEEDS to be washed."

"No, it's just fine the way it is."

This went on for far too long, until Juanita gave up and just washed her own coats.

She said "Fine."  (Guys, you probably know that "fine", and it ain't.)

So, yesterday we are running errands off the mountain. And the dog gets carsick. On my Carhartt.

Guess who has two thumbs and will be washing his OWN d@mn jacket.

 This guy.



  1. No, see, you did the right thing. If you'd let her wash it when she wanted, the dog STILL would've puked on it, and it would've been a wasted wash. This way you just let it get REALLY TRULY dirty!

    1. True dat. And you may or may not have noticed I blatantly and unabashedly stole your "who has 2 thumbs" line...

    2. LOL, clever phrases want to be free and loved by everyone!

  2. Bionic Cowgirl: 1
    Beel with the stinky Carhartt: 0

    I laughed right out loud when I read this:
    "Guys, you probably know that "fine", and it ain't."

    Sounds like a famous quote and should go down in history...or at least on a t-shirt ;D


    1. "O" crap, Note to self: don't take dog for car ride.

  3. Hoo boy... you got a "fine" (and survived?!?)

    Dude... the comments are as funny as the post!


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