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Friday, April 13, 2012

Should I be Worried?

Sometimes I feel concerned about my wife.  Like an hour or so ago.

I had been working around the lodge.  Fixing a window lock, fixing the vacuum cleaner, cleaning the sinks, tubs showers and such.  I had been whistling an old ditty most of the morning and it reminded me of a story.

I walked into the office behind Juanita while she was making entries on the computer.

I said "So this frog walks into a bank."

Her arms went limp to her sides, her head dropped to her chest, and I think I may have heard her moan.

Do you suppose it is some sort of neurological disorder?



  1. Yep.

    The Bionic Cowgirl has BEEL-ITIS...


  2. I dunno...I just want to hear about the FROG. *wink*


  3. I see why you're concerned, but I believe it's just a giant, involuntary twitch. Harmless. But I'm with Endurance Granny--- tell US!

  4. Caution: embarrassingly old joke follows...

    So this frog walks into a bank and says, "I need a loan to buy some flies."
    Patricia Whack, the loan officer asked for references and collateral. The frog says "My father is Mic Jagger, and I have this small crystal horse statue" which he handed to Patty.
    Confused, Ms. Whack took the figurine to the bank manager for advice. "I don't know what is going on, and I don't even know what this is!" she said.

    The bank manager replied......

    "It's a knick-knack Patty Whack. Give the frog a loan. His old man's a Rolling Stone."

    And THERE is a couple of minutes you will NEVER get back.


  5. I'm happy and sad...he he he.

    Once again, your drawing has cracked me up! Juanita has her hands full it seems.

  6. I adore this picture. I am still behind in posting a recent favorite that a certain someone did for MEEEEE! :)

    And believe it or not... I know that joke. And I laughed harder at your picture because it was just THAT DARN FUNNY.


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