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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Escape from Paradise

A group had rented the whole lodge for the weekend.  A scrapbooking group.  We love these groups, 'cause most of them have been here before and know the drill.  And the groups bring their own "mommy".

When the last of the gals had packed up and gone home this morning, Juanita and I looked at each other and said "RUN AWAY!".  And we did.

We went down to our youngest daughter's (Nebalee's) house where she and the oldest daughter (GunDiva) were going to make technicolor cupcakes.

Creating Cupcakes

Cooking Cupcakes
Cooling Cupcakes

Consuming Cupcakes

We also met Nebalee's newest family member, Dante, a one year old Great Dane mix.

  And we went to the park with the youngest grandkids.
Wow!  Cool!
Umm, so what is it we're looking for again?

And we had soup for lunch.

With pumpkin pie when you finish.

By the time we got home, it was 20 minutes after dinner time for the gang.

They almost starved to death.




  1. Love those technicolor cupcakes, and the soup looks dee-lish too. You guys have all kinds of fun! Those poor horses, lol. I bet Ranger will report your tardiness on FB.

  2. Lol. sounds like a great day. i almost called the animal police on Beel for ignoring the dinner clock. :-)

  3. Sweet! What a fun and well-deserved family day--they're the best--especially when the weather's nice. And I'm not too worried about your horses starving!

  4. You're "in" to color in your family! :-) New dog looks like a real keeper & love the grand-kid photos! I need more of those!

  5. Wild cupcakes! That really sounds like a fun day was had by all, except maybe the herd.

  6. Need to make those cupcakes... my kid would squeal!

    And the soup... always tastes better with a promise of pumpkin pie!


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