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Friday, April 6, 2012

Eggs, Spring Break, & Pedicures

I guess it's time to catch up here, too.  Last Sunday, the whole crew met at Great-Grandma's house for the traditional egg coloring.  It's one of the looked-forward-to events of the year, along with pumpkin carving .... so you have to start with the basics - cups of many colors ...
... then you add the newest fads, such as teeny paint rollers ....
... and 'candy apple paints and fuzzy hair to turn some into 'monsters' ...
... to finish off the paint wars, our newest DIL made Clyde the Bunny - almost too cute to eat!
This week was spring break for some of the grandkids; Autobot asked if she could come stay at the lodge and have some horse time.  Well, we all know what happens to the best laid plans of mice and men - Mother Nature happened and we had eight inches of snow two of her three days with us, so we made the best of it by tearing down all the tack and between a little elbow grease, a bar of saddle soap and some leather conditioner, we now have shiny, clean saddles and headstalls.  The big plus was the great horse epics we watched while we worked:  The Man From Snowy River, Return to Snowy River, The Young Black Stallion, Cloud-Wild Stallion of the Rockies, and Cloud's Legacy.  How much better does it get if you can't get outside to ride?  Well, you have to catch up on your reading, too, and it's hard to beat a dog cushion...
I promised her mom she would at least come home smelling horsey!  The last day came up sunny, so we headed out for a short scouting around town before the farrier arrived.  Pedicure day ... it turned out to be 54*, sunny and NO wind, but you can see the remnants of the snow.
Anton decided to start with the toughest horse, Ranger, who turned out to be the jewel of the day.
Washoe, who was trying his darndest to stay awake.  Part of the time he would rest his head on my shoulder; he looks like he's going to fall over.
And Jesse, who rests with her right rear cocked with no weight on it while she gets her left front trimmed.  She was goofy the whole time, but now they all have great looking feet and are ready for the year.  I'll get foot pictures soon.

Time for work ... we have a wedding party for the next three days, so we have to pretend our real job is running the lodge.
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. Looks like a lot of fun getting ready for Easter at your place! That bunny turned out super cute!! And it looks like your farrier had a pretty easy day with your crew.

  2. Very festive Easter doings! Love it. Looks like lots of action at the Lodge!

  3. Those were very creative eggs! that is the first time I have ever seen a tiny paint roller like that. Cute! Glad the pedi's went OK. How does Jesse rest her rear leg while being worked on in the front? Genius!

  4. I couldn't get up the ambition this year & opted out... Bad Grammy...


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