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Friday, June 1, 2012


We haven't meant to be absent so long ... but you all know how things suddenly just get sort of busy; not the kind of mind boggling busy that you can plan, but busy enough ...

We've had lots of fun with visitors - friends and guests.  Momma Fargo and NFL Man came for a visit; what a blast.  She has found herself a pretty good guy, but we are really prejudiced.  We happen to think HE has found a pretty good gal - so does that make them a good pair?  We think so.  Congratulations you two - and don't make yourselves scarce; we expect to see you often.

At the same time we had a guest named Catherine, from Ireland, that I got to go riding with.  See how much things have greened up since we had a tad bit of rain/snow a couple weeks ago.  It looks almost normal.

Also, some of the grandkids came up for their first rides of the season, so it was a busy horse week.

Next we had a couple more Australians come for horse therapy, and ... you guessed it, yours truly got some more major riding in.  Hard to beat this kind of job.

Bill's brother, SIL and niece came next for four days; checking out colleges in the area for graduate work.  How did that happen?  Niece being old enough to be a junior in college, with enough scholarships to pay her way through grad school?  Yep, got her on a horse, too.  I'm on a roll here.  Nobody should come near me who doesn't want thrown on a horse.

Oops, forgot about bringing Queen Estes (GunDiva's horse) back to the mountains.  That led to a day of excitement, as some of you know from Ranger's post.  Estes is more than a bit of a hussy, and came back while in her first heat of the season.  Of course, she wanted nothing to do with Washoe and flirted non-stop with Ranger - until he complied and she bit the tar out of him.  They both are showing many nasty bite marks, but seem to have come to agreements on various issues. I managed to get all the burrs and dreadlocks out of her mane today; it's been a three day process but it's done.  Her feet need some care next; not terrible but not like we want to see them.  Other than that, she looks GREAT!.  Sending her to fat pasture was the right decision.

Time to feed; I can just FEEL their eyes on me even though I can't see them.
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. Riding huh? Oh, So sorry for you! Looks so much better & enjoy seeing your sunshine!

  2. Beautiful country! We had such a great time! NFL MAN enjoyed himself a lot and would like to come back in the fall! Maybe we can get him on a horse? HAHAHa. He says...NO WAY.
    Love and hugs to you all. Thanks so much for the wonderful time!

  3. "nobody should come near me who doesn't want to be thrown on a horse"

    sounds pretty scary to me....LOL

    Might just have to show up to throw down on that challenge....:)


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