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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just Look'in Around

About 15 minutes ago, we looked out the window and saw a string of horses going down the road.  Probably 15 or 20 of them.

Not really an unusual sight around here.

They were all saddled and on their way.

With no one on their backs.

And empty feed bags on their faces.


Team Lodge (Juanita, Bill, and grand-daugher "Autobot") mobilized and headed out to head them off.  In years past, I would have jumped in a truck or minivan to herd them home in, because they would be off at a run.  But these guys were obviously just out for a stroll.  We managed to get them stopped (okay, they stopped themselves at a nice lush patch of grass and tried to eat through their feed bags, with limited, to no success) and grabbed a few to lead them back to the livery.  Reinforcements arrived from the livery, and we got them home in less time than it's taking me to blog about it.

Back to breakfast prep....



  1. This was a fun morning exercise - 'cause these horses now LIKE their home so they were really easy to gather. When the livery's shepherd/dog showed up, she rounded them up and took them home - so I guess her training is working - and I bet I can guess which horsey critter opened the gate!

  2. Never a dull moment around there......


  3. Pretty nice way to start the day! One of my favorite drives to work ever a bunch (herd?) of horses had gotten loose from the fairgrounds and were flying up and down residential streets. Such a beautiful early morning sight!

  4. The life on the mountain...we have bad traffic in town...but your traffic is my kind of traffic. LOL


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