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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random Info

This will be a sort of "stream of consciousness" post.  Okay, maybe more of a "puddle of consciousness".

I have removed word verification from the comment section.  Some of the pictures and fonts are SO BAD, no one could POSSIBLY read them.
Two words?  Really?

 So now I am fending off random Russian spammers...

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 The "paragraph is fastidious"  was the horses talking in the "Overheard in the Corral This Morning" post.

Yesterday, our daughters showed up and made cookies for a bake-sale for the "Purple Ampersand" or the "Blue Exclamation Mark"... nooo, I think it was the "Red Cross"

They made some more "Chocolate Aztec" cookies.  Chocolate, cayenne pepper, fine ground coffee...GEEBUS TAKE THE WHEEL!  Good stuff!  I don't think they would be better with bacon (and 'bout everything is better with bacon...).

Went for a three hour ride into the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Very, very nice.

Oh yeah, and the neighbors horses were out before breakfast this morning.




  1. As much as I love bacon, I don't think it would add to the Aztec cookies.

    Glad you and the Bionic Cowgirl *finally* got to go for a ride!

  2. I don't know what happened to word verification, but it got really hard to tell what it is. Oy.


I had to turn verification back on. Ten "spams" an hour is making me crazy...