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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nothing Bad

This is Ranger.  The horse.

I am mad at Estes-the-other-mare's person, GunDiva.  She went for a ride several darks ago and saw some moose-monsters.  I telled her "DON"T TELL BEEL!"

But she did.

So the day before the last dark "The Kid" and I went for a walk with the chairs on our backs and iron bars in our mouths.

Looking for the moose-monsters AGAIN.

Beel is crazy that way.

It was a good walk, because I got to carry a smaller person.  She was named after some kind of flower or something.  Iris.  Or Daisey.  Or something like that.

I like Pansy, because when we all stopped to eat grass, she gave me THREE granola bars!  Beel only ever gives me one, maybe, if that much, and HE eats the rest.  No wonder he weighs so much.  Petunia weighs much less, because of her generous, sharing nature. (Have you ever eated a pear core?  They are so good!)

It was also a good day, because, once again, no moose-monsters were spotted.  In fact, no deers, elks,  sheeps, coyote-dogs, robert-cats, rabbiters, or squirrlies attacked us either.

And when we got home, Dandelion gave me more fresh grass to eat.

Ranger.  The horse.


  1. Ranger is very talented! And how did that child ever learn to spell her name(s) in Kindergarten? :)

    1. I do not know what she did, but I use spell-check in Firefox.


  2. Ranger, you have the best posts. And it's great that you have mastered the art of taking and posting such good pictures -- don't know another horse that can do that! Mrs Paris

  3. Nice story and pics, Ranger. Keep up blogging. ;)
    'Speaking horse' Mr Ed (I mean Ad)

  4. Sweet photos! Very nice blogging for a horse of course!


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