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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Strangers by Our Corral

This is Ranger.  The horse.
                                           (Bill, doing sub captions)

This week we had some peoples staying at the next door people barn.
                    (Guests at the cabin across from the lodge)

This happens a lot, but this time horses were here, too.
                    (They brought their horses)

The strange horses sayed to me they finally talked their peoples into running away from the big smokes. 
                    (All were evacuated from the big fire 50 miles north of us)

The strange horses sayed they were glad that they were in the rolling shed behind the stinky truck, cause it would have taken two  and a half sleeps to get here of usual travel.  But maybe only one day of super crazy lunitic going.
                    (They liked the trailer.  It saved two and a half days of walking, or one day of endurance pace)

One of the strange horses scared me some.  He had no eyes on his head.
                    (One horse had a fly mask on)

Now stop saying those silly things, Beel.  Flys do not wear masks, and if they did, they sure would not fit on a horse.

But the strange horses eyes came back the next day, and he was fine.
                   (No flies here, so they took the fly mask off)


I think the smokes from the big fire must have hurt the eyes of the peoples, because they kept calling one of the horses that brought them "Ranger" and he did not look like me at ALL.  Maybe it hurt their brains.
                    (One of their horses was named Ranger, too)

The kid spent his first day charging the fence trying to scare the new guys.  It did not work.  They ignored him.  It was funny.
                    (Washoe charged the fence to try to dominate the other horses.  They turned their backs on him.  It WAS funny.)

The strange horses and their peoples have went away again.  Too bad, because it was kind of nice having an other herd to talk with.
                    (The folks got the call that the fire was out near their home, and though some of their neighbors weren't so lucky, their home was undamaged.  They loaded up and headed back home.  Our horses called after them when they left.)

That is all.
Ranger.  The horse.



  1. Thank you for the update Real Ranger.
    (and for the interpretation, Bill.)

  2. Those horses and their people were very lucky. Well, lucky after being unlucky I guess. Those fires are horrible.

  3. Here in Ohio we've been following the fire news with concern, particularly for how you and your family are doing. Thanks to Ranger for letting us know what's happening. Glad you could help. Stay safe! Ma Paris

  4. We could identify with the people in the cabin; they had owned and operated a B&B & Horse Hotel in the Glacier Meadows area for over six years, so they understood our business. It was fun talking to them and they had great, well-behaved horses and dogs. Their home was spared, but 56 of their close neighbors lost theirs to the fire, which is now considered 100%contained. Our prayers go out to all those people, and thanks to all of you for your concern. So far, we are safe and smoke free - and getting pretty excited about High Country Rendezvous III, coming Aug. 3-5, 2012.

  5. Glad there were some bright moments in the middle of fire season!


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