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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Little Extra Work

B-  Well, we lived through the ride today, Ranger.

R-  Yes Beel, we did.  No thanks to you.

B-  The only problems we had today were in your head, where there is lots of room for problems, because your head's empty.

R-  The problems were real, Beel.  You are just not smart or observant enough to see them.  Like when you first climbed on my back, the tree FELL DOWN and ALMOST HIT US!

B-  The tree was cut down across the street.  You walked by it  five minutes before while they were sawing it.  We were 40 yards away when it fell.  No danger.

R-  The cowboys YELLED, Beel.  And the tree FELL, Beel. And the cowboys WHOOPED and HOLLERED, Beel.  And when I jumped and spun and tried to get away, you made me stop and called me a @$#%$^!
What is a @$#%$!, Beel?

B-  You are, Ranger.

R-  And then you made me cross the street and stand there, RIGHT NEXT TO THE  TREE THAT HAD JUST FALLEN DOWN!  And pieces KEPT BREAKING OFF OF IT!

B-  They were sawing it into logs, you moron.

B-  And then when we did hit the trail, you grabbed a mouthful of grass after stopping  dead in the trail and wouldn't move on!

R-  That was very mean of you to pull my head around and take ALL of the grass out of my mouth.  You did not even eat it.  You just threw it on the ground.  Mean and wasteful.

B-  And when we went on, you were jumping at everything.  Stumps, logs, quaking aspens blowing in the breeze, birds.  BIRDS?  For crying out loud, the only way a bird could hurt you is if you choked on it.

R-  And then you made me touch everything I warned you about.  That was mean.  I should have made you touch the bird...

B- You darn near did you @$#%$!

 R- Hmmm

B-  Hmmm

R-  That was a good ride.  Can we go again tomorrow?

B-  You bet, buddy.  Sleep well.


  1. ROFL! Love the conversations between a man and his horse!

  2. "Mean and wasteful" - aahhh that made me laff

  3. LMAO. Scary thing is I think you know exactly what Ranger was thinking and he really felt that way! Poor feller.


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