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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Little Night Music

Last night, the eldest daughter and I threw bareback pads on our horses right at sunset and we went out for a short pre-father's day ride.

We had gone a little over a mile, and the dusk was deepening.  We had just begun to circle back, when off in the distance, we could faintly hear a siren wailing, far, far off.  Suddenly a family of coyotes joined in the song from a couple hundred yards away, back in the deepening purple shadows across the meadow from us.

All sang their mournful tune together for a minute or two, but the ambulance finally faded into silence.  The coyote family sang for another moment or two, then faded into a disjointed chorus of yips and finally lapsed into silence themselves.

Daughter and I just stared at each other.

Best father's day ride ever.



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