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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thankful It Went Away

A glorious Thanksgiving morning - and feeding time for the horses.  OK, we have a fresh layer of snow - only an inch or so - the sun is shining and the wind ... is howling!

J:  Hey, guys.  Breakfast.  Where are you?  Why are you hovering behind the shed?

Jesse:  Listen! (another gust of wind and a crackling sound)

J:  Come on guys, it's just the wind blowing something.

They start walking toward their bowls and the crackling comes again on the wind and they are WILD HORSES.  Gotta run, run, run!  The wind settles for a minute and they come when called.  I try to coax Ranger to his bowl.  Nothing doing.

Ranger:  Make the monster go away, Waneeta.

J:  What monster?

Suddenly I catch sight of a dark shape being sucked around like a black ghost; under the cabin's deck; around the back yard; into the trees, back to the deck.  I watch for a minute and realize the wind has sucked the cover off the BBQ grill on the deck and it becomes a huge black balloon being foisted around mightily by the wind gusts.  I can't help but laugh.  I crawl out of the pen and chase down the 'monster', but it was such fun watching the horses be 'wild', that I rolled it up into a large ball and crawled right back into the pen, crackling it all the way.

J:  Come on guys.  It's just a piece of plastic.

All three horses in unison:  It's a monster.  You called it a 'gooots'.

J:  Ghost.  A ghost, not goats.  Come touch this.

Washoe:  I'll come but I am NOT touching that.

Jesse:  Wow.  It is just plastic.  Let's play!

Ranger:  Don't come near me with that thing.  Well, .... ,maybe.

It turned into such a game it was hard for me to go back inside to work on the dinner rolls.

Happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.  Remember why we have this holiday and enjoy!
Bionic Cowgirl