Bill and Juanita, owners of Allenspark Lodge B&B, are living their dream...

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Barely Made It

We had an hour to kill this afternoon.

Juanita and I finished the chores around the lodge, and had some time before the next guests came in.  "Let's take the greys bareback around the block." says Juanita.  "Sure. Sounds good." I say, and away we go, riding off on our towels to keep our jeans clean.

No cameras.  We are just going around the block.  Okay, it's about a mile and a half around "the block", but still, why bother.  We're in town (such as it is) the whole way.

A little over a half mile from home, both horses stopped and stared up the hill beside us.   "What you see, Washoe?"  I asked.  Then I saw it.  A big black dog about 30  feet from us, running in the same direction as we were going.  Paralleling us.

Oops, not a big dog.  A small bear.  Crap.  Where is the big bear.

Oh-ho, that is what Jesse had spotted.  The adult bear.  And the OTHER cub.

I know the big bear was a female, because she was looking alert and concerned, where as a father out with a set of twins would look harried and bewildered.  And maybe a little scared.

We were between the mom and her cub, even if off to one side, so I hollered at Juanita and we turned back and went back down the road 30 feet or so, so we were no longer between them, and turned to look.

The first cub had crossed to the road by this time, and soon the second cub got there and stopped in the middle of the road about 60 feet away to stare back at us.  It looked for all the world like he was about to come up and investigate us closer, when Juanita hollered "Git!  Go on!"  He looked shocked and then ran away from the strange two headed horse that barked at him.

Mom quickly followed across the road and down the hill on the other side, while keeping a wary eye on us.  We waited a minute, and then continued our walk.

Pretty soon, a mini-van pulled up next to us and the guy said out his window "Well, it looked like your horses weren't too worried about the bears."

I told him "I think I was more concerned than THEY were."

The towel didn't keep my pants clean.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Recipe of the Month: Camper's Cranberry Cobbler

This recipe can actually be made in an iron skillet over a campfire - or so they say.  I have done it on top of the stove and in the oven in an iron skillet.  Now, I just bake it in a 9" pie pan in the oven, for the same amount of time.  I cut this out of a magazine many moons ago; don't even remember the magazine, but I cannot take credit for it.  It just sounded like fun when I saw it!

Camper's Cranberry Cobbler
     1 c. water
     3/4 c. sugar
     2 c. cranberries
     Boil water and sugar for 5 minutes.  Add cranberries; cook uncovered until they burst (approx. 7 minutes at our altitude). Remove from heat.
     1 teas. cornstarch
     1 tablespn lemon juice
     1 tablespn whiskey 
     Stir well.

Sweet  biscuit mix:
     1 c. flour
     1/4 c. sugar
     2 tablespn powdered milk
     1/4 teas. salt
     Combine dry ingredients.
     Cut in 1/3 c. shortening or lard.
     Mix with 1/3 c. water until moist and smooth.

Grease frying pan or pot.  Pat the dough into the bottom, forming a shallow bowl.  Pour in berry mix.  Cook over low heat until dough is cakelike - about 25 minutes.  (I bake it in the oven at 350* for about 25 minutes.)  This is a very cheery dish for the holidays.
Tip:  the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas seems to be the only time I can find fresh cranberries, so I buy many bags and toss them in the freezer, then use them in any fruit dish that needs a little color.
Bionic Cowgirl

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


B-   Hey Ranger!  I haven't had a chance to hang with you for a couple days.  Lets go for a quick ride around the neighborhood.

R-  Okay, Beel.

B- I don't have a halter, but I've ridden you around the corral with a loop of twine around your neck.  Let's see how it works out of the corral.

R-  Okay, Beel.

B-  Let's trot up the road to the post office and back.

R-  Okay, Beel.

B-  That went very well.  Lets try it again.

R-  Okay, Beel.

B-  One more time!

R-  Okay, Beel.

B-  Alrighty, now let's go up and stop at the corner.

R-  No, Beel.

B-  I said we are stopping at the corner, Ranger.

R-  No, Beel.  It is time to go home.

B-  I said stop here.

R-  No, Beel.  We are doing dumb stuff over and over.

B-  Stop...stop...whoa...halt...alto...QUIT MOVING YOU JERK.

R-  No, Beel.  Suddenly I can not remember what the twine around my neck means.

B-  Okay you nit.  We're back in the parking lot.

R-  Good.  Now we can go home.

B-  How 'bout if we just stand here until my hands quit bleeding.

R-  Okay, Beel.

B-  So, why the big hurry to get back here to the lodge, you moron?

R-  I knew you were very confused, and I hoped if I took you home, you would remember what we were doing.  You know, when we were NOT running up and down the street like crazy dogs.

B-  What?!?

R-  You had lost your mind.  I taked you back to the last place you had it so you could find it.

B-  It was a TRAINING ride you turd.

R-  Yes.  And I hope you learned something.

B-  I did.  I learned not to ride you with a piece of twine around your neck unless I have a BIG STICK to hit you with.

R-  You are mean.

B- You're disobedient.

R- Hmmmph.

B-  Hmmmph.

R-  Say Beel, can we go to the mountain tomorrow?

B-  Sounds good.  The daughter is coming up to ride Estes.  I'm going to use a halter, though.

R-  It will not help if you lose you mind again, you  know.

B-  Yeah, you're probably right.  Sleep well, buddy.

R-  Okay, Beel.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

No Way

Guest came in this morning.
Was going to go on an all day ride at the livery across the street.
Said it was going to be a while before they could leave.
The horses were out on the highway again this morning.


My lord, people!


Use 'em.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yet again

Cooking breakfast this morning.

Guest hollers at us "The horses are out on the highway!"

Went out at a dead run, halter in hand.

They were already being chased back by a guy staying at the neighbors cabin.

As the horses were being sent back the the yard in the livery I looked over at our horses.

All four were staring over the fence.

Shaking their heads in disgust.



It's been 11 years today.  It just doesn't feel like it was that long ago.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Heck of a Ride

Hey, Ranger!  Heck of a ride today, eh?

I am not talking to you, Beel.

Aw, come on buddy, it was fun!

Beel, it was a harrible day.

Well, my little friend, you did have to carry me for a while...

Five days, Beel.

Five hours, Ranger.

What ever.  It was too long and too steep and too little grass and too many rocks and no fun at all.  At all.

Come on now, buddy.  You have been over worse, and just recently.

Beel, I had my herd with me those times.  MY herd.  I know them.  They are not cranky when I get close to them.  Well, not TOO cranky...

These other horses were fine, buddy, and you knew a couple of them from rides and staying at their ranch several years ago.

Most of them were strangers, Beel.  And they walk funny.  When they go fast, they get all... swishy.

They are "gaited" horses, Ranger.

What ever, Beel.  I just do not want them behind me.

They're fine.  So what did you think about the trail ride?

I did not ride Beel.  I carried your sorry body around on my back for five weeks.

Hours.  But the views were WONDERFUL, weren't they, buddy?

I did not like the views until we were going home, Beel.  Then things started looking pretty good.  At least until those new horses missed the turn to go home.  I had to stand, and wait forever until they came back and started down the right trail.  I was SO MAD.  All of those horses were there at that trail ON THIS SAME DAY AND THEY WALKED RIGHT BY THE TRAIL HOME.  I had to wait for them Beel.

It did seem to peeve you a little, Ranger.

I screamed at them when they finally came back and went down the right trail.  It is like they do not know where home is, Beel.

Umm, Ranger, most of those horses live over a thousand miles from here...

I am not surprised they are so far from their home, Beel.  The seem to get lost pretty easily.

Well, they made it back in pretty short order when they got on the right trail, eh buddy?

But when we finally got home, Beel. I heared THE MOSTEST HORRIBLEIST SOUND EVER!  I think a train-monster was running over a herd of cows or something.  I was VERY worried.

It was one of the new mules at the livery next door, Ranger.  It brayed.

It was terrible, Beel.  I hope it never makes that sound again.

Umm, buddy, I think you are gunna be sorely disappointed.  He'll probably be talking all winter.  So, other than that how was your day?

Beel,  I told you, I am not speaking to you today.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mow Hard

This is Ranger.  The horse.

For the last some sun-times, Beel and Waneeta have been having me do "yard work" with the rest of the herd.  The first day out, Beel asked me if I had a "green card" and then laughed like a coyote.  He is very strange.

Beel and Waneeta put the wire that bites all around the back pasture at the people barn, so no other horses would come and eat our grass.  That was very nice of them.  Beel sayed that some more of his people herd were going to come to the people barn for a picnic on "Lay-bor Day".  I do not know for "Lay-bor Day", but I sure know about "picnic".

We all worked very hard at mowing.

Except Waneeta.  She sayed she was stupor-vising.

The grass was very tall and wet and sweet, but That Other Mare really liked the vineweeds.

At the end of  work today, Beel taked the short-cut through the people barn again.  I was not askeered AT ALL this time.

Today, the people picnic happened.  It rained so they stayed in the people barn.

Maybe they can try again.

I will mow.