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Friday, November 28, 2008

GRV - Return to Ghost Ranch

October 20: Day 8
We went to bed early last night, so we could get an early start on the road today. It’s time to head back towards Colorado. Today we will be back at Ghost Ranch, NM for a couple of nights. We goofed around cleaning up camp and forgot about the hour time change, so it’s 9:00 am NM time when we get started. We were thinking it would take us about 10 hrs. to get there.
Pulled into Ghost Ranch about 8:00 pm; losing one hour going eastward, we did have a 10-hour trip. As we pulled into the gate of the Ranch, Sophie dog sat up and took notice, immediately going to the window to put her nose out for a smell. It was obvious she knew where we were; she got very excited as she really likes to play with her friend, Buford. I wondered if the horses did a sniff and remember also, since it seemed like that from the motion of the horse trailer. They certainly knew where to head when they got out of the trailer this time, and promptly walked to “their” corral. Ranger even softly nickered to the old mare.

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