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Friday, March 6, 2009

Catching a Wild One

Last week, Juanita caught and brushed her horses, but Ranger and Estes were the two horses that wouldn't be caught. So Tuesday our daughter Shawntel and I went to catch our 2 horses and brush them out.

As I was driving to the field where they are wintering, Tel called me and told me to watch the horses as I drove in. They were chasing Ida's truck as she dragged the pasture. They had never seen that happen before and I guess they found it very interesting. By the time we walked into the field with them, they were just standing and watching the truck go in circles. Tel and I set the bucket of brushes, halters and treats down to go talk with Ida, and after a couple minutes we noticed Jesse had pulled the lid off the treat bucket and has her nose buried in it, eating as fast as she could. She backed off when we got back to the bucket, but had gotten a snoot full of "horse candy". She looked as smug as a horse could.

Tel pretty much walked up to Estes and caught her and began brushing right away, with several of Ida's horses grooming her in return. Ranger was not quite so ready for contact as he was back in "wild horse" mode. "I'm a mustang and I'm NOT gunna get caught!" I got to spend about 45 minutes walking him down by keeping him out of the herd. He hated that! He finally licked his lips and started "posturing", arching his neck, snaking up to me and "nosing" me, but with soft eyes. I finally got the lead rope over his neck, and he was my good dog again. Turd. Bill

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