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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Song

 Last September I posted on clicker training and teaching my mustang to "touch" scary things.   After the success I had with him on that, I gave serious thought to teaching him some tricks using clicker training.  Juanita had taught her horse to fetch a frisbee and I thought it might be fun to teach Ranger to "sing" on command.  First get him to huff after I say sing.  Then click, give him a treat.  Then have him make a louder sound before he gets his click and treat.  Finally a full whinnie on the sing command.

I had to give it up, though. I realized I couldn't teach him to sing because he is always just a little horse.
(And no, you don't get your 2 minutes back.)


  1. You can keep the 2 minutes....
    I totally needed that laugh. LOL

    I am looking for those old photo's of Rach's I really might need to borrow that call.

    thanks for the comment.

  2. Mr. Daddy- swing on by if you need it!
    Several other "Bloggers" are celebrating anniversaries...200 or 300 posts. I checked ours. This was post 144 for us. That makes this one gross posting.

  3. Funny story. LOL. my mustang loves learning things the clicker way. That is how I gentled him actually, now I just make a strange click with my mouth. I haven't taught him too much, he smiles and bows and will touch whatever he is afraid of if I ask. Good for getting over scary things.


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