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Monday, October 25, 2010

Equine Pedicures, the "Cast" of Characters

"Barefoot farrier"---Turns out the HORSES are the barefoot ones, not the farriers.  Huh, who knew.

Sorry y'all, no pictures of the people who attended.  Upon blog examination, they all appear to be camera shy. By the time I thought to hang a paper bag over Mrs. Mom's head so we could get some shots of her working on a horse, they were done.  Darn.  May be just a well, though, our horses might just lose it if someone with a bag over their head were to walk up to them.  Might be a fun future blog...

Mrs. Mom and DH ("Dear Husband" or "Richard Cranium", depending on the moment) arrived first from "Oh HorseFeathers".  DH is not a small man.  "Don't be a total jerk, Bill, he will eat your lunch." was the first thing to go through my mind.  I hadn't realized just how big he was until I saw him holding a horse's leg up to trim it, lift the horse a couple feet off the ground, and set the standing leg down on his foot, probably to have it at a better angle to work on.  Well, that is what it LOOKED like.  Until his eyes bugged out, and the look on his face said "Do I kill this nice ladies horse now, or just wait for it to hop back OFF my now broken foot."  I was truly impressed.  No "words of power" came boiling out.  By the time I could look at him again, all I could say was "Buddy, I won't even laugh WITH you on that one."

As I said, Mrs Mom is camera shy, so no pics of her.  Your loss (she's purdy cute).  She had a gentle, quiet way around the horses, and didn't show off by lifting the horse off the ground as she worked.

We also had a mother daughter team from "Brown Eyed Cowgirls" come for the impromptu clinic.  The daughter had mastered the teenage art of "rolling your eyes til you hear the click when mom says something painfully obvious", and she made fast and close friends with our neighbors new puppy, Ingrid (a German Shepard female).  Again, no pics, and again, your loss.

GunDiva, RockCrallingChef, Juanita and I were also in attendance.  There are pics of us throughout this blog, as we have no pride.

Well, things are getting busy here at the lodge, so other information will have to wait a bit.



  1. DH has my respect. I try to avoid animals 10x heavier than me with a brain 10x less powerful ever since "the incident" with granddad's ill mannered half arabian. Horses are evil. No one can convince me otherwise.

  2. Wildly jealous of your visit... and think Mrs. Mom should most definitely plan to attend next year's HCR so we can get some secretive pictures and well, have loads of fun learning stuff about horse feet...

  3. Hahahaha-There are pics of Meg and Ingrid on Juanita's camera. ;-)

    I have been going to do my post, but didn't remember until I got home that the farrier family is camera shy. Hmmmm...Now how am I supposed to post any of our super fun weekend that don't include Mrs Mom's super cute, smiling face?

    Thanks for a wonderful weekend!!! We will definitely be back.

  4. You really have to respect a gal that won't show off by lifting the horse off the ground while trimming it's feet....*snicker*

    and I seriously think that Rach needs to get out more...

    "and well, have loads of fun learning stuff about horse feet..."

    I mean really how much fun can it be????

    just saying.....

  5. *coughcough* You are too kind Bill ;)

    Mr Daddy, you just don't know how fun it CAN be, 'cause we umm... well, let's just say our teaching style is NOT the norm.. muwahahahaha

    Can not possibly thank you and Juanita enough Bill- and Sophie. Dear Husband says I must send along a special shout out to Sophie too. We had an absolutely incredible time, and reveled in your incredible generosity, beautiful home, and the FOOD!

    Not even home 9 hours yet, and we are already jonesing for the dry air, amazing views, and the people we met while there. So special rubs to Sophie from Dear Husband, big rubs to all the horses, and know you are all loved and will be missed greatly from this end of the country!

  6. Well, now that I have the image in my mind of a bag over the headed person trimming feet, I'm thinking that would be some wild picture. Don't ya think?

    Camera shy or not, seems to me there were enough of you present to gang up on her and sneak at least a couple of pics. Being one of those people who is camera shy myself, I know friends are not beyond such tactics because I've been caught myself more times that I care to admit. LOL


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