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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Really Don't TRY To Kill Cops...

 Sometimes it just works out that way.

One of the Blogs that we regularly follow is written by a police officer in an unnamed western city.  We invited Momma Fargo and her daughter Bug (aka "The Squirrel") to spend a couple days with us and maybe do some horseback riding before we turn our horses loose for the winter.  Not really that complicated a plan.  Our daughter GunDiva, and another friend, T!ink (two more bloggers) showed up so we all went out for a wintery ride in the Rockies. We ran out of horses, so Juanita stayed home to keep the home fires burning.

We had gone nearly 100 yards, when Washoe (The Wonder Idiot) decided the small stream that he drinks out of EVERY DAY was some sort of threat to his welfare.  He LEAPT over that foot wide trickle of water.
                                   ( My camera was in my pocket)

  Sadly, Momma Fargo was riding him bareback, and didn't know about his fear of that 5 foot long section of stream (training incident when he was a colt) and was unprepared for lift-off.  World class six point landing.  Four hooves and two butt cheeks hit the ground at about the same moment.  Momma dusted the snow off her... ummm... pride and climbed back up and we all went for a comparatively uneventful ride.

Back to front- Me (other side of camera), Momma Fargo (with snow on back and rear), Bug, T!nk and GunDiva in lead.

Later when we got home, a neighbor that was moving to Florida, brought us a t-shirt, quickly modeled by Momma Fargo.

All in all, it was a great, quiet couple of days and it was wonderful to meet other bloggers (and the Bug!).



  1. A much tamer post than I had anticipated. But gotta love the shirt :)

  2. Royally jealous. I only WISH I could land on my butt. My head and chest have far less padding.

    Oh, I meant I was jealous of the fact that y'all got to hang out and ride without me - Washoe jumping or no.

    (And Timber or Baggins wasn't available from the livery??? I'm shocked that Juanita didn't sneak one! :)

  3. LOL. Very nice story, Bill. I am rather shocked at the tameness as well! It was a lot of fun! Thanks for the great trip!


    With snow on her back and butt

  4. Geeze Bill, apparently you are getting slow on the draw. I thought you taught ALL your bareback riders that neat trick of BUTT CHEEKS INTO GRABBING, CLENCHING, CLUTCHING FIST?

    You need to start giving classes on that maneuver ;)

  5. That shirt is perfect! I'm glad she had some soft? snow to land on. I feel pain in the cold, so I never ride in the snow, but it would probably be best train young horses in it. That way when I go flying the snow can absorb the impact.

  6. I didn't get to see the show; I had just turned my back to walk back to the Lodge. But Bill said Momma landed with a fist full of sheepskin. Now I feel bad about suggesting/insisting she ride with it, because if it hadn't been in the way, she would have grabbed mane and never come off. I owe you lots of apologies, Momma. I guess I will be in debt awhile, huh? The snow was only a slightly softer landing; there are lots of rocks underneath, as my body will attest to.

  7. another valid point from stepping away from the equine to the ATV...

    I have never had to "MAKE A FIST WITH A BUTT CHEEK" although I have been know to suck a few white spots in the black vinyl....

    Just saying....

  8. Love the pic. LMAO.


    It was my fault for not paying attention. Oh well, we will have a life long laugh over that as I am sure no one will forget. LOL

    It was a good reminder to always stay alert! :)

  9. Rach - the horses are gone from the livery. Their permits expire on Oct 15, so they send the horses off to either the farm to rest or to hunt camp.

  10. That's what the post was missing! The illustration!


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