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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We're Back!

Just got back from our wanderings of two weeks; yes, we were home for 2 days in between the two weeks, but that was so crammed full of stuff to do to switch from one trip to another, I didn't get the blogging done that I wanted.  Now, let's hope I can catch up.  Of course, high on the priority list is checking on the horses (more for my peace of mind than theirs) because we MISS them!!!!  We had a wonderful time at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeos; will try to get my scattered thoughts on 'paper' here soon.  Lots of reading to catch up on, too.


  1. So, just how badly did you rub it in to poor GunDiva that she was stuck working while you were watching cowboys?

  2. I get dibs on the role reversal post!

    Rach - you don't even want to know. You should have waited just one more week to send TST on Christmas vacation. That post will go up in the morning sometime.

  3. Welcome Home guys!!!!! I expect to hear lots of stories about Vegas... oh.. wait... never mind. If calling the Diva at 11pm is any indication of what your Vegas stay was like, maybe we dont WANT to know

  4. Weehaw...Ya'll are home and we are heading out...To Vegas Baby!

    Will have to catch up with ya when we get back. ;-)

  5. One trip down and now NFR. How exciting!


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