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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting It Off

This morning I woke up to a frozen pipe that killed the water to the whole lodge.  THAT had never happened before.  I bypassed the frozen stretch with a garden hose so all could shower, shave and such.  Once bypassed, I found the dishwasher had frozen up.  That HAS happened before. Moments later, my mother in law called with a broken spring on her garage door.  She was trapped (a 95 pound 83 year old just ain't gunna lift that big a wooden door without help...)  That hadn't happened before.

Okay.  Thawed the main frozen pipe after breakfast, no breaks.  Drove down to Fort Collins and met my son in law (he used to work on garage doors professionally) at my mother in laws, and we got her door back up and running (thanks a TON Buddy!).  Drove back up to the lodge and power thawed the input AND output to the dishwasher. The breakfast dishes are running as I type.

A day FULL of chores I wasn't expecting, but the folks close to me are healthy and happy, SO...


(Only slightly sorry)



  1. Don't be sorry at all! I have been in dire need of some original Bill artwork! I laughed!

    And sorry about the pipes - we had that for the horsie's water too :( Glad you are back in water!

  2. I knew we shouldn't have let you play Mad Gab!

    Sorry your first day of the year was so eventful. Junior saw that my kitchen pipes had frozen and offered to come armed with hair dryers. Good kid, that Junior.

  3. There is something to be said to the desert and Cryptobyotic dust....

    just saying....

  4. should have been a plumber...lately it's your calling. Yikes!

    Happy New Year to you both!

  5. Happy New Year indeed - I hope you're just getting the yearly maintenance out of the way early!

  6. Winter showed up in a hurry around here too.

    Getting back and forth over the pass was fun (insert sarcasm). We just hit the beginning of another storm on the way home yesterday.

    Hard to believe that just a few days ago, I was wishing the mud would either dry up or freeze. While I would have preferred the drying up...the frozen works just as well for riding. Now I just have to force myself to get out in the cold and get riding...LOL

  7. Plumbing problems does seem to be a common theme. lol. We had our own issues this weekend--right as the family all arrive for New Year's Eve--a broken dishwasher and leaking kitchen sink. Lovely.


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