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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back to Work

OK, I've lazyed around long enough.  We had our first guests in this week, since my hip surgery.  It has been great fun.  This place is made for people and it just seems a bit lonesome when we go too long without.

Great news:  yesterday I had an appointment with my surgeon and physical therapist.  Both agreed that everything is in great shape and I can start navigating....W I T H O U T.... walker, cane or anything else.  Super news, and just 15 days post-op!  I still haul the cane around for 'soft' support, as I have been given great warnings of pushing the healing too hard and ending up slowing things down.  So I am building my strength back up bits at a time.  The PT says he is starting me on a stepper next week; need to get my cardio back in shape.  Who's side is he on, anyway?  Next surgery is scheduled for March 3.  Should get me back in riding shape by the time the horses come home.  Now, if someone will just go find them for me....big hint, here.

I do tire easily.  After Bill and I did breakfast, and cleanup, today, I 'died' for over two hours.  It is going to be really, really hard giving up the daily naps when summer gets here.

We are still in the low teens and lots of snow, so all you people in warmer climes, ride for us.


  1. She claims the cane is for "soft support", but the dog and I know better...


  2. Yep. My thought was the cane was for keeping you in line ;)

    Rock on Juanita! Just don't rock too hard OK? Glad the healing is going so well!!! Bet your Dr loves having a patient so determined, and in great shape pre-op!!

  3. You go, Juanita! So glad to hear your recovery is going well. I bet the snow shoeing and nordic skiing there is great this time of year! Only don't try it just yet. LOL

  4. yay! You sure heal fast! You planned this perfect for riding season.

  5. I can just imagine Bill having to slow you down!

    And don't you worry - you can still nap during HCR (if you can sleep through the crazy laughter that happens when we hang out with you guys)... we'll clean up lunch and play poker until you wake up :)

  6. Glad to hear it's going well....

    If we lived closer I would gladly take my new Rhino out to look for your horse's....LOL

    And I bet that Tel would gladly let you go with her to the personnel trainer session tomorrow.... I bet she is going to be as sore as a boil after that workout...ROFL


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