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Sunday, April 24, 2011

And now for something completely different

I don't usually put videos on the blog (I had dial-up only for too many years), but here are several I needed to post.

     Juanita mounting Washoe 6.5 weeks after both hip replacements.

Juanita dismounting.

The rabbit my 83 year old mother in law got us for Easter.

Words fail me.

Happy Easter!



  1. Just so you know, I did ride in-between these videos. Two days later, I rode Washoe again - doing the two mile loop we use as a 'short' ride, and I didn't even tap his butt this time. I threw my leg over like I knew how and the ride felt so good and natural I did the longer don't tell my PT. I don't listen real well, but he already knows that. Gotta take Jesse out next; she has been a bit peeved, to say the least, about being left behind. So much so that she very rudely jumped a rail while I was getting a different horse out, and went on a very rowdy 'walkabout'. Actually, no walking to it - about 15 minutes of riotous behavior before she would come to me and let me put her halter on. Bill says she's just DONE with being left behind! She does express her opinion (a lot like her owner).

  2. We are impressed. Way to go Jaunita. Ummm, not so sure about that bunny though. I think he might need some reprogramming.

  3. Ooh, bet that's the last time Jesse gets left behind in awhile, hee hee!

    Loving the vids - so glad for the amazing success for you Juanita!

    And I love your in-law's sense of humor :)

  4. OH...looky! It's the energizer bunny and the bionic woman. All in one episode. Juanita rocks! And so do you, Bill. :)


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