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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back Again for Now

In a previous life, I repaired computers for a living   as a punishment for my sins in a previous life as my job.  I now scrub toilets, and I highly recommend it.

I had my hard drive fail earlier this year, and lost all my pictures.  Last week the whole damn computer went down and guess what...

I can't be taught, just trained.  There must be consequences, or it doesn't sink in.  Apparently the consequences need to be more dire than merely loosing all my pics forever, or I will just not back anything up.

Go ahead.  Ask me if I have backed up any of the photos I have taken THIS week.

Bill Imadork


  1. OH Bill.... lol, I feel your pain. Been there, done that, lost 8,000 baby pictures (true). Love your cartoon, lmao! Oh condolences.

  2. Oh no... oh no... oh no.

    Been there done that. Except it had to do with a Corona and a laptop :(

    So sorry!

  3. Arrgggghhhh!

    I've got two old 'puters laying around because there are pictures on them, but I cannot get to them (corrupted software on one and the power unit went out on another)...refuse to throw them away because 'some day' I'm going to take them in and see if I cannot get the pics off of them...

    Yeaaa....Right! Like that is going to happen. (smirk)

    So ask me...Do I back up now?


    That would be a big negatory ghost rider.

    Cause I'm dumb that way! LMAO

  4. Oh, what the heck -- live dangerously!
    Don't back anything up!
    Back to the drawing board (scrubbing toilets!).
    --Jim Paris in Ohio

  5. Dear Mr. Imadork,
    I'm pretty sure I am related to you.
    We should have a family reunion.
    But then - we'll have to invite someone from the Imnotadork family to be our photographer . . . .


  6. I've been there with the computer crashing, but I do back up most of my stuff--at least every couple of months. I'm not very organized with all my back up CDs, sticks and drives though. I'm glad you brought it up because I'm going to do that today...organize.

  7. That's a great Bill Picture.

    I have a Mac with this magical Time Machine incremental backup to a networked hard drive. :smug: Go Mac!


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