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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Finder's Keepers?

When Jesse was little young, I taught her some fun stuff with a clicker.  Our My favorite was picking stuff up, which led to playing frisbee, among other things.  She was a real help on the trail rides I took out, because 'guests' tend to drop things when riding.  She used to virtually pick up anything, until she picked up an item or two with terrible taste.  Now I can barely get her to pick up my hat, but - she notices everything that gets dropped!  On last week's trail ride, a glove dropped out of my vest pocket and landed in a bush.  I didn't notice but Jesse noticed and came to a dead stop.  Fortunately GunDiva saw 'something' fall and sure enough pointed to the spot Jesse was pointing to.  OK, you have the background for yesterday's happenings ....

I was cleaning in the pen (yep, scoopin' poop) and had just dumped a wheelbarrel full on the pile.  About number six, as I am still cleaning up from winter.  Jesse had been at the feeder the whole time and ignoring me, I thought.  I decided to do one last pickup, but when I grabbed the fork and turned around to dump into the wheelbarrel, Jesse was standing between it and me.  I patted her and told her, "It's nice that you decided to help, finally, but you really need to move.  You are sort of in the way!"  She stared at me very pointedly, then looked at the poop pile.  We had a stare-down for a minute, then I looked where she was looking ... and there lay my cordless phone at the edge of the pile!  I had it hanging on my back pocket; it must have dropped off when I dumped the barrel.  She noticed and came to tell me.  I'm not surprised she didn't pick it up and bring it to me, 'cause she used to get in lots of trouble for picking one off of the barn boss's pocket  when she was young.   Now and then she does the right thing.

Bionic Cowgirl


  1. Show off! Better bring the clicker and treats on the next ride.

  2. What a smart girl! That is really amazing that she noticed your phone. It's obvious she loves her "job"

  3. Oh, she rocks! I love those videos. Such a smart, smart girl!

  4. Loved the videos! What a smart girl. Now I want to teach that to my boy.

  5. Alright...a fetching horse is so cool...could you come to my house and teach my old nags to do that!


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